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Desktop of ASUS P5W DH Deluxe after apple udate!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Update to 10.5.2, with some work

This was a very big update from apple. 10.5.1 is much smaller compared to 10.5.2. Also if you don't run a script or delete the appleIntelCpuPowerManagement.kext you will get a kernel panic. So I followed the Netkas method for updating to 10.5.2. Just search on google for netkas and you'll find what you need. I had to wait to do this as my p5wdh deluxe wouldn't boot for some reason. It took almost a month for Asus to send me a new board. The good news is it was all free! So I now have a perfectly functioning Asus P5WDH Deluxe. I used the Kalyway DVD to install efi on a GUID disk partition. I am running the vanilla kernel and sleep, restart, shutdown, and time machine all work. The only workaround I had to do was plug my keyboard into my front usb port in order to get the P5W to wake from sleep. If I put it in the back usb ports it doens't wake properly(black screens). If I use the power button to wake it, it works just fine.

Also for some reason using the Kalyway install method and the retail DVD cause the sata drives to show up as orange-hot swappable drives. So the fix is here: and just scroll down and look for --To Get rid of Orange External drive icons while running AHCI-- and download and change these two kexts in the archive zip. They come from the Brazilmac extensions pack.

After a bunch of testing, I think the Kalyway release is the best. I just used the virginizer Kalyway made to reset the preferences of appearance to default settings. I added some things like MenuMeters.prefPane from iATKOS and that was it. By the way I did try the Kalyway 10.5.2 install pkg and I got some minor problems like a 1 and half minutes of black screen before booting. I read somewhere that this might have to do with reloading the NVNJECT.kext, but i just used the Netkas method for upgrading the 10.5.2 from apple and now everything is perfect. So now I can use all of my Pro Apps like Logic and Adobe Creative Suite 3 with no problems.

PS, I also use the Netkas applesmbios.kext because it shows my motherboard properly in the system profiler. I don't like when people hard code a fake name like MacPro. I want the bios to identify everything as close to the real as possible. Also this smbios allows the profiler to show the ram speed, where as some smbios just cause the profiler to report '0' for memory speed.

I think i finally have a perfect Hackintosh! At least for now.

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